Tell the Florida legislature to preserve solar net metering

House Bill 741 would undermine our solar rights, putting jobs, energy security and our solar freedoms at risk.

We need to ensure that Florida legislators hear from the thousands of Floridians that support our solar rights — and social media is an impactful way to do just that. Use the form on the right to show your support for solar net metering via Twitter, while publicly urging your legislators to oppose HB 741.

Use the auto-filled Tweet, one of the sample Tweets below, or a customized message. Be sure to mention if you work in the solar industry or use solar to power your home or business.



Sample Tweets:

  • Distributed solar energy results in $18.3 billion injected into Florida’s economy. #savesolarFL and oppose HB 741 
  • Solar = energy freedom #savesolarFL by opposing HB 741
  • Florida led the nation in #solarjobs pre-pandemic. Ending net metering ends job growth for Floridians. #savesolarFL
  • HB 741 puts my livelihood at risk. Net metering is the key to jobs for Florida’s fastest growing industry. #savesolarFL
  • As a solar homeowner, I made an investment in my future that is now being threatened. Stick up for our energy rights and #savesolarFL
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Solar net metering is important because it allows solar customers to receive full, fair retail credit from their utility for the excess energy they produce and share with neighbors. People and businesses across the state rely on net metering so they can take control of their own energy. Net metering gives us the ability to choose how we power our lives. 

Senate Bill 1024 and House Bill 741 would undermine our right to net metering and have a devastating impact on our economy at a time when we can least afford it. Currently, the Sunshine state produces the 3rd most electricity from solar panels in the country, and the rooftop solar industry supports nearly 40,500 jobs.  

Now more than ever, Florida’s leaders need to hear our voices so they know that strong solar policy matters to you, your family, and your community. 

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t let a monopoly utility kill rooftop solar.  Take action today!