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Tell the Florida Public Service Commission to preserve solar net metering

A utility front group is trying to repeal our solar rights, putting jobs, energy security and our solar freedoms at risk.

We need to ensure that the Florida Public Service Commission, the state agency that makes decisions about solar policies, hears from the thousands of Floridians that support our solar rights.

Personalize and send a letter using the form to the right. The Florida PSC needs to hear from you today!

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Solar net metering is important because it allows solar customers to receive full, fair retail credit from their utility for the excess energy they produce.

Now more than ever, Florida’s leaders need to hear our voices so they know that strong solar policy matters to you.

Now is not the time for more uncertainty. Changes to net metering would have a devastating impact on our economy at a time when we can least afford it. Before COVID-19, the Sunshine state produced the 4th most electricity from solar panels in the country, and employed over 12,000 people. Florida has already lost 22% of its workforce in this economic crisis, and it could get worse. 

People and businesses across the state rely on net-metering so they can take control of their own energy, and choose how we power our lives. The cost of home batteries has decreased more than 85% since 2010, and more and more people are protecting their homes and businesses from power outages with this new technology. 

This is an unprecedented time. Your local leaders need to hear from you as well as your friends and family. 

BOTTOM LINE: Floridians can’t afford more economic uncertainty.  Write the Florida PSC today!