Tell OUC to protect solar rights in Orlando!
Net metering is a billing system for solar owners. It ensures solar owners earn fair credit for the electricity they generate but don’t use themselves.

Under net metering, solar owners earn a 1-to-1 credit. That is, the value of the solar they generate and share with neighbors is equal to the value of the electricity sent through lines by the electric utility.

OUC is push-polling customers to frame net metering as a subsidy for affluent households that burdens low-income households. This is not true. Net metering is a fair credit for locally produced clean energy that helps to build a more resilient grid for all of Orlando.

Use the form at the right to contact Mayor Dyer and the OUC Commission.

Tell them you support maintaining net metering. If you have solar, be sure to let them know and tell them how you’ve benefited.

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