Save Arizona’s

Clean Energy Jobs

These 5 bills may halt clean energy job growth and raise taxes for electric vehicle owners. 

Arizona has saved billions of dollars over the last decade by installing renewable energy and preparing for a clean transportation future. 

However, there are five bills moving through the Arizona legislature that would undermine economic stimulus around clean, renewable energy and would raise taxes on electric vehicle owners.

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The New Tax on Clean Cars

SB1108 and HB2437 both raise taxes on electric vehicle owners. While other states have benefited from creating reasonable fee structures for electric vehicle registration, which support transportation infrastructure, these bills add fees far in excess of what fossil fuel vehicle owners pay. They will slow the adoption of this needed technology.

Both of these sponsors have signed a pledge NOT to raise taxes and should consider more reasonable and less punitive options.

Government Over-reach

HB2248, HB2737 and SB1175 and SB1459 are bills that would cause serious confusion for renewable energy businesses seeking to do business in Arizona, as well as major corporations that have renewable energy goals of their own, such as high-end manufacturers or data centers. 

In a power grab, the legislature is attempting to usurp the constitutional power of the Arizona Corporation Commission to regulate renewable energy policy. 

Business leaders have said this will cause regulatory confusion, increase the size of government and would make Arizona less attractive for business development. 

Arizona has been progressing toward meeting its potential as a solar energy job leader and is now under consideration for new manufacturing by electric vehicle manufacturers. 

These bills make it harder for those industries to develop.