Tell the Arizona Corporation Commission you support a clean energy future

Arizona is close to setting a 100% carbon free electricity standard. 

But we’re not there yet. That’s why the Arizona Corporation Commission needs to hear from you!

The Commission voted 4-1 in November to commit Arizona to getting 100% carbon free electricity by 2050. This standard includes meaningful benchmarks along the way. A new Commission will be the one to give the final vote. It’s time for the public to voice their support and make the state’s newly elected Commissioners listen.

Take action: Urge Commissioners to require that Arizona commit to 100% carbon free electricity and a local, distributed storage standard.

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The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is an elected, five-member board. It sets rules for our state’s electric system. Commissioners are considering expanding Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST) to 100% carbon free electricity by 2050. Under the current REST, only 15% of the electricity sold in the state must come from renewable energy sources by 2025. 

This is a huge opportunity for the state to transition to a clean energy future. The 100% standard will deliver broad economic benefits. It will drive new investment in the state. 

These clean energy rules include a first-of-its-kind distributed energy storage target. They also include a strong energy efficiency standard and a more transparent utility planning processes. 

If Commissioners adopt this proposal, it would be a tremendous milestone for the state. And it would be an important step toward addressing the climate crisis.

Local, rooftop solar should play a significant role in achieving this goal. Rooftop solar helps make our grid more resilient. It allows families to take control of their energy bills by making choices that best suit their needs. The Commission needs to hear strong public support for the 100% carbon free goal. This will ensure this new plan supports local resilient clean energy solutions, like rooftop solar.