Protect your solar investment! 

As a rooftop solar customer, you need to know the Arizona legislature is considering two bills that could cost you money and retroactively change policies impacting rooftop solar. Please take action now to tell the Governor and state legislature to protect your investment and not to pass laws changing the rules of the game!

HB2248 and SB1175 contain dangerous provisions that might require the Arizona Corporation Commission to change the longstanding rules for existing rooftop solar customers. These bills are in the final stages of review at the legislature and immediate action is needed to tell legislators to protect your investment and not to change the rules of the game. 

The legislation tells the Corporation Commission that it is prohibited from enforcing any policies, rules, or decisions that even just “indirectly” impact carbon emissions. Your use of rooftop solar reduces the amount of carbon emitted from fossil fuel generation sources thereby reducing carbon emissions. This means the Commission could be stopped from enforcing key policies that support the continued use of rooftop solar because of how our solar impacts carbon emissions. The state should not be changing the rules and should protect Arizonans that relied on existing rules, policies, and decisions.