Tell the Arizona Corporation Commission not to charge a Grid Access fee

Arizona Public Service (APS) utility is raising rates again. And this is on top of an unfair Grid Access Charge that they force solar owners to pay.

Right now, people with an average solar panel system are being forced to pay roughly $80 per year just to have solar.

But we can change this! Recently, the independent judge overseeing the case considering APS’ proposal found NO evidence that solar customers increase costs to other ratepayers. In fact, we all know that solar customers pay more than their share of actual system costs.

Right now, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is considering changes to the rate structure for solar owners, and Commissioner Kennedy has introduced an amendment to the order that would remove this discriminatory Grid Access Charge.

You can help people with solar save money, and encourage even more people to go solar here in Arizona.

Let the ACC know that solar customers shouldn’t be charged discriminatory fees.

Solar United Neighbors